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Clemens Åhfeldt - Chief Court Chaplain of the Swedish Royal Court

Oskar Clemens Pontus Åhfeldt (1860-1941) is a distant relative of mine, and although our respective ancestors chose to spell our last name differently as we belong to the same family. Clemens is arguably the most famous person in our family, and can probably be seen as a celebrity of his time when he's socializing counted both royals and other celebrities he corresponded with Selma Lagerlof, etc.




The minister Clement Åhfeldt was born November 16, 1860 in Norrtälje, as the son of industrialist and painter Frederik August Åhfeldt (1830-xxxx) and his wife, Desideria Eleonora Charlotta Lindström. Frederick August Åhfeldt belonged to a branch of the family who started writing the family name right Åhfeldt, instead eg my family line exclusively for generations used Åfeldt.
Clemens Åhfeldt married Eva Rehn (1879-1921) daughter hovintendenten Abraham George Rehn, descendant of King Gustav III's famous architect and designer Jean Eric Rehn. The marriage resulted in two children; Eva Kristina Desideria (1903-1986) married Fredholm, and later became Commander Sven Clement (1905-1990). Sven Clement was in his youth come to command the submarine. According to the book "The Swedish submarine force 1904-2004" were submarines in 1939 divided as follows:

Overall responsibility lay with Submarine Division with Commander Thorburn and depot ship Svea in the forefront.

HMS Sälen (Captain Holm)
HMS Shark (Lieutenant Åhfeldt)
HMS Walrossen (Captain Hazel Branch)

Clemens became a student in 1879, 1886 Theology. Candidate and 1917 Theology. Doctor in Uppsala. After having served as Assistant Professor at the Higher Latin grammar school, on the central Stockholm 1888-95 he was appointed in 1895 to associate professor of Christianity and the mother tongue at the Higher real grammar school there. 1892-1908 he was the religious teacher of the dukes of Skåne (Prince Gustav Adolf later became King Gustav VI Adolf) In 1908 he was appointed chaplain and pastor of the Court parish.





He was described as a warm-hearted teachers, good preacher and sought after officiant, has also emerged as a writer partly temperamental press statements in the ecclesiastical and social issues, and in särskillt published writings, among others. a. Solomon tall display. An Old Testament Study (1896), The church dogma in its relation to contemporary culture and Christian faith (in "In our time questions of life", 1904), in defense of Sweden's old hymn book (1912) and Sermons held in Stockholm castle chapel (P. ., on., New Collection 1917). He has also translated "Martin Luther's spiritual treasury" (1901).





Portrait of
Clemens Åhfeldt.

Portrait of
Clemens Åhfeldt.
Picture taken by great-grandson with same name, Clemens Åhfeldt

Clemens Åhfeldt also conducted several weddings which we can see here in an article from a newspaper called Idun dated 1908.

Link to the newspaper online


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