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Our Åfeldt family has its deepest known roots in the landscape of Uppland, located in eastern part of Sweden. Therefore our family history has strong bonds with these historical locations. The beautiful Viksta church located in the northeast part of the Swedish landscape of Uppland.  In 1745 our ancestor and forefather Nils/Niclas Åfeldt married Gunilla Margareta Sahlgren in this church. It's from their children and grandchildren that all living Åfeldts are descending from today.

About this homepage
About this homepage
Very welcome to our Åfeldt family homepage.

This homepage is the result of my passion for genealogy research in my own family history.

Åfeldt family history
Åfeldt family history

Let's take it from the beginning - as we know it. The Åfeldt family traces its origin to Swedish 17th century. The first know documentad occation connected to the family is June 13th 1713 when Hans Hansson och Brita Mattsdotter get married in Vendel parish located in the province of Uppland, Sweden.
In the marriage several childen were born, including a son named Nils. He will later be the person to use the family name Åfeldt later on.

Photos & Pictures

Under this section I published various kind of photos and pictures related to Åfeldt family history. It could be portraits of family members, pictures of churches from place where our ancestors used to live etc.

Here below I have sorted the different kind of photos/pictures in different "themes".

Articles & Documents

I will here add various kind of text documents and articles related to our Family History.

The Family Name Åfeldt

The spelling of the family name has always been a topic of discussions. Is there really a correct spelling and a "correct" version of the name? Where does the name comes from?

Family Trees

To keep track of all persons with any connection to our family, I have made a number of family trees which can be found here. It wasn't enough with one single family tree due to all information, so I had to make several ones. They are not fully completed, so that is an on-going project.You can download the family trees both as PowerPoint .PPT format and Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.

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