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Clemens Åhfeldt - Chief Court Chaplain of the Royal Court

Clemens Åhfeldt was a beloved priest and reverend, that eventually served at the Swedish Royal Court as Chief Court Chaplain. He was also teaching history to young princes at the Royal castle during the end of 1800s.

Trumpeters that served at "Livregementet till häst"

"Livregementet till häst" (=Royal Regiment of Horse Guards) was a very prominent chivalry regiment founded in 1600s.
Our Ancestor Nils/Niclas Åfeldt was serving as trumpeter at this regiment, but also did all his tree sons.
Here is a document that I have compiled myself, that lists most of the trumpeters that were serving at the regiment during the 1700s .

Volunteer Rider Hans Dumky

There was a man who lived a very interesting and also very adventurous life and who by accident happened to end up in Sweden, where he became part of our family history.
Here is the history about Hans Dumky, whose granddaughter  eventually married our ancestor Karl Fredrik Åfeldt.
(English version not ready, Swedish version attached so far)


Carl Leonard Vihlen - The Swede who went to Florida and became expert in citrus fruits.

Florida's modern citrus industry traces its roots to the Valencia oranges introduced first in Florida by city founder Henry Shelton Sanford and Swedish immigrant Carl Leonard Vihlen.
Carl Leonard's mother was named Gustafva Wilhelmina Åfeldt, who is a member of our Åfeldt family. This also means that we have bunch of lovely american relatives, which we both has visited in Florida where they live. They have also been here in Sweden a couple of times, to find out more about their roots.

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