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The Åfeldt Family History

The scenic surroundings of Vendel with its historical buildings including the beautiful church dated from the 1300th Century. It's here in this area and in the nearby villages, that the oldest traces of our family's ancestors can be found.

The 13th of June 1713, Hans Hansson and Brita Matsdotter were married in Vendel Parish, Uppland, Sweden. In the marriage there were at least three children born, one of them a son named Nils, who was born 4th of July 1714. If my sources are correct, Nils (Hansson) is the same Nils as we refer to as Nils or Niclas Åfeldt, and the first person that was bearer of the family name Åfeldt.

What do we know about Hans Hansson and Brita Mattsdotter? Unfortunately not much more than what was written in the marriage register: "Hans Hansson from Österväga with the maid Brita Mattsdotter from Fembäcke". Österväga and Fembäcke are both two small villiages located not very far from Vendel.

Nils Hansson (or the name as we will know him better for: Nils Åfeldt or Niclas Åfeldt) come to grow up in - and around - Vendel.

In 1745, Nils/Niclas Åfeldt marries Gunilla Margareta Sahlgren.They lived together on the homestead Jellsta, in Viksta Parish.
The parents tol Gunilla Margareta was the corporal Petter Sahlgren, with wife Margareta Edelia. My assumptios is that Edelia is the feminine version of the (priest) family name Edhelius/Edelius, and that Gunilla Margareta's father most probably was priest or reverend.
I have found some information about a certain priest named
 Jonas Ivarsson Edhelius, who served in Vendel during 1600, and I do believe they do belong to the same family; but I am not 100% sure of how.


Writings from Viksta Parish Marriage register: 
"1745. January 13. Trumpeter Niclas Åfelt with Jungfrun Gunilla Margareta Salgren in Jellsta"
(Jellsta was a homestead belonging to Viksta Parish)

In the first available household register and the records for Viksta Parish 1718-1750 and the household of Jellsta (see pic to the right ), there is some information about our ancestors that could be found.

In 1740 we can see that (Madame) and widow Margareta Edelia is stated as inhabitant, together with her son Jonas Sahlgren and a number of servants.
No information about Nils/Niclas Åfeldt and Gunilla Margareta Sahlgren.

In 1744 is similar as 1740, but with the difference that there is a Baron Gustaf Duwall also living in the household together with Margareta Edelia.

In 1745 pretty same as 1744.

In 1746 we can instead see that Margareta Edelia and Baron Duwall is not any more stated as inhabitans - on Jellsta. Instead we can now see Nils/Niclas Åfeldt together with his wife and the wife´s brother Jonas Sahlgren. But if we open up the Parish reconds over the household of Nywalla, also in Viksta, we can find Margareta Edelia and Baron Duwall listed there as inhabitants 1748, 1749, 1750 and 1751.

1747 - Pretty same as 1745.

1749 - Pretty same as 1745

Nils/Niclas Åfeldt moved with his family from Viksta Parish to Vendel Parish around 1749-1750.


In the household records for Vendel Parish 1773-1783 and the household of Västra Ekeby (pic to the right).

The first thing to mention here is that Nils/Niclas Åfeldt died 1773. There is a note written next to Gunilla Salgren which states "deceased Trumpeter Åfeldt's widow Gunila Salgren".

Here is a summary of the persons belonging to the the household - from up and down:

Son Gustav Adolf born 1751. Later moves to Gryta Parish and Årke household and have its own family.
See Family Tree 1 for more detailed information.

Son Carl Fredrik born 1757. Later moves to Vassunda Parish and the household of Kragsta. He will marry two times, and will have several children. See Family Tree 1 for more detailed information.

Son  Jan (Johan) born 1765. He stays in Vendel Parish, and eventually marries and having one daughter what I know of.

Mad(ame) Margareta Edelia born 1696
(Mother to Gunilla Margareta Salgren and widow to corporal Petter Salhgren)

Nephew Carl Ramsten born 1749 - see below.

Daughter Christina Margareta Åfeldt  born 1754.
Married with Carl Ramsten.

Also included in the household we can see there is a maid named Stina Larsson born 1748 and a servant Anders Andersson born 1753.



Nils/Niclas Åfeldt and Gunilla Margareta Sahlgren got in total 8 children together. Two of these was born in Viksta, and six of them in Vendel, where they moved around 1749-1750.

What we can see is that there were two sons named Johan (Jan), and two daughters named Christina Margareta.


It was quite common than infants died at this time, and that you actually gave new siblings same names as their desceased brothers and sisters.
Something is saying that the names Johan and Christina Margereta could have meant something special for Nils/Niclas and Gunilla Margareta. Very common was to give the oldest son the same name as your paternal grandfather or maternal grandfather. Since Nils/Niclas father was named Hans Hansson, it's party correct since Hans as an older German form of Johannes.

The second son who was given the name Carl Petter, which most probably comes from his maternal grandfather, who was named Petter Sahlgren.

Here below are screenshots from the Birth records (Swedish church archives) for all of the 8 children to Nils/Niclas Åfeldt and Gunilla Margareta Sahlgren.


First son Johan, born in Viksta Parish 1745. He dies just after just one month.

First daughter Christina Margareta born in Viksta parish 1746. She dies somewhere 1749-1750.

Son Carl Petter born in Vendel parish 1750.
Also he dies after a year.

Son Gustaf Adolf born in Vendel parish 1751.
One of four children that survives and will eventually have his own family.

Daughter Christina Margareta born in Vendel parish 1754.  will eventually marry Carl Ramsten. Their faith is a bit unknown so far.

Son  Carl Fredrik born in Vendel parish 1757. One of four children that survives and will eventually have his own family.

Daughter Ulrica born in Vendel parish 1763. Her faith is a bit unknown. She died before 1773 since she wasn't listed in the household register 1773-1783.

Son  Johan born in Vendel Parish 1765. One of four children that survives and will eventually have his own children.

Serving as Trumpeter in the Swedish Cavalry

According to the Swedish Army Enlistments Records over Livregementet till häst, our ancestor Nils/Niclas Åfeldt was enlisted in 1737 and we know that he served as Trumpeter. we can find him in the Army Enlistments Records where he is stated as "Trumpeter". The first record is from 1746 and the last one is from 1770.

Information about military trumpeters
(unfortunately information is only available in Swedish)


Information about Livregementet till häst
(unfortunately information is only available in Swedish)

Livregementet till häst was a prominent cavalry regiment, founded in 1667 when Uppland riders was "upgraded" and received status "The kings's regiment" and the prefix Liv (old days lif) indicates this special status. 

The regiment was alike it's English equvalent, Royal Horse Guards, and with proud traditions and many years experience taking part of many battles in the many wars and battles that Sweden was involved in.

Here below is a summary of Livregementet till häst, from the Swedish Armed Forces homepage about the history of the Swedish cavallry:

"The first regiment was the Uppland riders, later referred to as His Royal  Mayesty's Lifregemente till horse (=by horse), with its 12 companies, 120 riders and 2 trumpeters was the Sweden's biggest and most prominent. Lifregementet's  companies came from Roslagen (country Uppland) and north Uppland, down to  Västergötland (west of Sweden). Like Lifgardet (=His Royal highness own lifeguard regiment), officers to the Lifregemente till häst, was recruited from the most prominent and fines noble families in Sweden. Lifregementet till häst participated in all campaigns and the most battlefields. The Regiment order journals at the War Archive shows that the Livkompaniet (HMS's own company), was following the king as his personal lifeguard and escort, even when the regiment wasn't mobilized."
Källa: Kavalleriet 475 år
(unfortunately information is only available in Swedish)

Between 1746 to 1757, Nils/Niclas Åfeldt belonged Fellingsbro company, and after 1757 he belonged to the North Uppland company.

Trumpeters had a very important role to communicate the field marshalls commands and orders so all troops know what to do. This is also probably why the status among trumpeters was so high, and belonged to the officers in rank and status.


Maybe it could look like this, when our ancestor and forefather Nils/Niclas Åfeldt rode out with his cavallity regiment to war.



Here to the right is a screenshot over the  merit description covering the service trumpeters in the Livregementet till häst between 1695-1785.
Here is the  information that I have been able to read for 
Nils/Niclas  Åfeldt,

- Column 1 -Birth Year: 1718
- Column 2 - Age: 45
- Column 3 - Amount of Years of Service: 26
- Column 4 - Year when military service started: 1737



Something that must be seen as an unique thing related to our family, is the fact that we once three persons (brothers - and sons of Nils/Niclas Åfeldt), which at the same time served as trumpeters at Livregementet till häst  - in different companies. See picture to the right.


Norra Upplands kompani - Gustaf Adolf Åfeldt 

Lifkompaniet - Carl Fredrik Åfeldt

Östra Västmanlands kompani - Johan Åfeldt



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